120 HOUR Course

Location: Osaka, Japan, Takamatsu, Japan

Registration Process: Email us at tesolinjapan@gmail.com to receive PDF file via email.

There are TWO methods to complete the 120 Hour Course

120 HOUR On-Line Course: This course is completed on-line. All reading materials, reports, quizzes, and responses to video classes are completed at your own pace. Once successfully completed, students will come to Takamatsu-city, Kagawa for a one-week practicum training in one of our schools under the supervision of trainers and EFL professionals. Successful completion of the course results in certification and job placement counselling.

120 HOUR Full On-Line Course: This course is the most economical of the three and is recommended for those who cannot easily travel to our schools in Takamatsu, or come to the full in class program in Osaka. The course is completed fully on line. A tutored course is priced at $350.00 US dollars, and untutored is $235.00 US dollars. These prices are set by the main office in New York and are fixed. Please contact us at tesolinjapan@gmail.com to fast-track your way to TESOL certification.

I’ve looked around at a lot of different TESOL/ESL/EFL certification courses and in my opinion, they are all way overpriced. Most people who come through such course will say that “It was the best thing ever!” but when pressed a bit about whether or not the course material helped them deal with kids in the classroom we get a lot of blank stares. I understand that no one wants to feel that they bought something that wasn’t worth the full value of what they paid for, but I really think we can do better.

So, what I have done is to simply get the license to grant certification, and this was quite simple due to my place in the English teaching market, as well as my own background and education, and then I want to make it widely available to those who have an eye on Japan to take the course.

Most classes will run from $800.00 USD to $1,500.00 USD. I think that is a lot of money, and if you want to run through the same course material, and get the EXACT same certificate in value, ring me up and we will set you up.


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