Teach in Japan on YouTube

YouTubeJapan-300x214I had long resisted putting video of me talking about teaching in Japan on YouTube. There are so many hundreds of similar things out there, albeit many of them from people who are relatively new to the teaching in Japan experience.

I think that those are very helpful things to see, and I check them out frequently. Things have changed. I’m older than when I first arrived in Japan, and new teacher’s ideas and needs are different from when I came. So, I need to listen carefully and try to understand better.

Things have also changed that I am now on the “other side of the table”. I hire people. I give jobs to new teachers, and my company helps them through the visa renewal and extension process. I need to figure out what it is that our new teammates may need if they come and join us at englishbiz.

But I also hope that the Youtube channel can help new teachers prepare themselves a little for what is needed to make it work, how to navigate through the interview processes, and to avoid some of the dangers, scams, and pitfalls that are rife in the eikaiwa world.

Anyway, here is the first in a series. Please check it out!

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