First Students!

So it finally happened. We have students for the TESOL course. This is a very exciting time for us, and we are absolutely determined to do a good job for the people who have entrusted us to get them through their TESOL certification.

imagesA couple of things I want to make clear for anyone new who is hopeful to start on their own TESOL certification. The first is that we are very serious about SUPPORTING our students. This is not just a “Rah Rah! Go get ’em and GOOD LUCK”, but it is more than that. We will make sure that you get some real educational value out of your experience in working with us. Furthermore, we are going to add elements to the program such as how to teach kids, give opportunities for you guys to come to our classrooms and check it out first hand, and to also point you in all the directions we can to get you that first job in Japan. That is our commitment. We don’t promise a rosy future in all you do, but for our part we are going to help as best we can.

The second thing is that we are going to keep the costs of our program down. I know that the going rate for some courses are pretty steep. You can check out our prices and see if that is more attractive for you. I remember very clearly the rough road I took to get through university. I worked 3 days full-time in a windowless warehouse, driving forklift and pallet-jack, unloading train boxcars of dog food, crates of canned goods, and all the non-perishables you see in supermarkets. That was a hard way to go, and I could have used a bit of help on the way. Keeping costs down is my way of trying to do something right for the next generation of teachers and professionals truly struggling under MASSIVE education debt.

So welcome to this site, and welcome to our program. Contact me with any questions that you have. I’ll do my best to help you get what you need.

Mark Groenewold

President, englishbizgoal-without-a-plan-750x466-cf

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