Hello all!

I hope that this blog finds you happy, healthy, and well. The cherry-blossom viewing season is now upon us and with that brings in a new school year for kids. My own daughters are now enjoying their well-earned spring vacation and looking forward to April when they have new classes and a new school year. It is odd, but nice, particularly as I never felt that way myself as a kid. My own children LOVE going to school.

I want to let you all know that we have been given the GREEN light to offer TESOL/EFL certification on-line. It is the whole 120 hour program and it is broken into 12 modules. The course has on-line videos to watch and report on, readings, and quizzes to take along the way to check your progress. We are VERY happy and excited to help you get your TESOL certification and are confident that it will fill in the missing element you need to get your visa application settled for full-time employment as a teacher in Japan.

The course costs are set by the New York office and they are:

$350 US dollars for the tutored course.

$235 US dollars for the untutored course.

The price is quite competitive, and we also will offer our support and assistance in helping you get prepared to attack the teacher job market in Japan. Interested parties are warmly welcome to contact me at tesolinjapan@gmail.com and we can get your registration processed and course materials set up.

Have a great day, friends and neighbours. It is important to get all your TESOL certification settled, but do take a moment to get out of the house and walk under the cherry trees if you can.


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