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Hello, and a warm welcome to this blog!

Today I put out an advertisement for new teachers on Dave’s ESL Cafe website. We have been using Dave’s site for a number of years and we often get some great applications coming in to apply for teaching positions with us. I hope that you are meeting some good results as you are throwing your CVs out to the world, and I hope that you land the job that you need and want.

I should tell you a few things about working with us here at englishbiz that are hard to see in a short advertisement. The first thing is that we live in an unbelievably beautiful part of Japan. We have our schools in the city of Takamatsu, in Kagawa Prefecture. The environment here is simply marvellous, and it permits people a sense of having a “home”, yet not being so far away that you can’t get to Osaka or Okayama easily enough for the weekend. Kobe is nearby, and so is Kyoto. Many of our teammates find time easily enough to get out and explore the areas around, to catch live music and night life after they punch out for the weekend.

Even if you don’t head off to the major cities for fun there is a lot to explore here. We have a beautiful set of islands in the Seto Inland Sea which are there for you to explore. Each island has its own feeling and sub-culture. We really recommend you get out on the ferries that bring people out to those places, and feel the sea wind on your face. In addition, there is an unbelievable art festival that takes place every three years. People from all over the world come here to put up their displays and exhibits all over the islands and in Takamatsu too.

Kagawa-ken is also home to part of the 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage. Taking some time to walk in the footsteps of the great priest Kukai may be the thing to reset your mind, give you some inner peace, and explore the deep culture that lives on today. I have had the chance to go through the temples once via tour, and hope to do it all over again, but next time by foot. Taking some time to walk through the temple grounds, hear the priests and pilgrims pray, and learn something of the local culture, its folklore, and see the architecture can be marvellous. Also, these temples are much more intimate and “closer” to visitors than what you may see in bigger cities, like Kyoto. Here you can touch things, hear things, go inside many of the buildings, and experience much first hand, rather than standing on the other side of a rope meant to keep the crush of tourists away.

Ok, well enough about where we are. If you come our way you will have time and space to explore that on your own. We need to also to also talk about the job that you may be taking.

In short, I think that the big thing that separates us from our competition in other ESL or eikaiwa schools is that we are very keen to get real results. We need and want our students to succeed, and we design our classes and curriculum to take kids from literally zero English to complete fluency. We have not seen any of the local schools come close to the organization and dedication we have towards education.

The typical ESL school is a lot of activities, with music, and cooking, and colouring, and dancing, and messing about with the illusion of education. Sounds harsh? Maybe so, but we know that kids absolutely NEED 2,000 plus hours of solid language education to be able to use it in any meaningful way. When I see some other school mixing up brownies for English class I can only think that I can buy my own brownies, thanks. What I need is education for my kids.

Also, we don’t need to know about American culture.

Sorry, we just don’t need it. America can take care of itself. What I would like our teachers to do is to help kids learn nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, subject-verb agreements, how to use the past tense, how to write English letters, how to perfect their pronunciation, how to make a sentence, how to ask questions, how to ask for clarification, how to structure a paragraph in English, how to sound out new words, how to ask “What does this mean?”, and to develop a sense of “I can do it” when they study English.

We don’t need the dancing, guitar playing, or brownie making class. We just don’t have the time. Sorry about that.

We like our teachers to love teaching, and to love the art of being “in the moment” with the student, and to inspire them, encourage them, and help them towards the next plateau of learning. We love teachers who love to teach. If you have a passion for learning, and books, and personal development, and want to mentor and coach kids, that is awesome. You should send us your CV.

Also, you do not need to be a “native speaker”. If you are, that is great. I am one too, and it has some advantages, but it is not a “deal-breaker” at all. In fact, we find that our teachers who speak multiple languages (including English, we are going to need that one) have a deep sense of care and empathy for kids who struggle. Having gone through the process themselves, they know what it is like, and what it will take to master English.

Send us your CV, and all the other info we need (photo, copy of degree, certificates, letters of reference, etc.) to englishbiztakamatsu@gmail.com .

Many many thanks for reading and coming by!

Yours Truly,


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