Looking for New Teachers

Hello again!

First of all, many thanks for coming by our site. I really appreciate it and am glad you took the time.

If you have just clicked on here to find out about our most recent opening on staff, please allow me a little time to talk about the particulars of the position so that you might know what you are getting yourself into.


Location:  Takamatsu city specifically, and Kagawa prefecture in general. We have five branches of englishbiz in the city of Takamatsu, and one branch that is about 30 minutes by train south of the city. We are opening a new branch in the spring of 2017, and more branches are scheduled for the next 3 years.

Hours of Teaching: Typically, our teachers will work Tuesdays through Saturdays. Tuesdays through Fridays are 12:30pm to 9:30pm. Saturdays are 9:00am to 6:00pm Teachers get a one hour break during their shift.

Remuneration: Teachers will start at a base salary of 240,000 yen per month. Teachers that continue working with us will receive a 10,000 increase to the base of their salary every year. We cap that out at 290,000, but by that time, we hope the teacher will consider either working as a manager with us or be eligible to explore a franchise option. From that point, the renumeration becomes much more significant as such people can begin to access part of the bottom line. We also, through the course of the year, have cash incentives as part of our month-to-month work.

We are a company that has a long-term future for our staff if they want it, but the first few years we need to see how they do on the frontline. In the future, they will need to work closely with their own frontline staff, so coming up through the ranks is an essential element of developing those leadership skills. You need to wash out the bathroom, teach all kinds of classes, and struggle through the challenges that come with teaching if you are to mentor and guide your own team in the future.


Qualifications: Teachers must have a university degree. A degree in humanities, particularly education, is highly desired. Applicants must have a valid working visa to work in Japan. The applicant must have all the interpersonal qualifications that makes them dependable, trustworthy, and a good person to work with. We hope that the applicant has a sense of humour, a strong feeling for teaching kids, and a personal philosophy of teamwork and service to others.



Our Expectations: We are a school, but we are also in the “after-school” market, which means that we also work in the service industry. Staff must be cheerful, greet everyone that comes into our schools, be well groomed and looking neat. This may seem a bit off-putting to people who feel that they are “only” teachers and that they do not need to greet others, be friendly, be welcoming and cheerful. For us, however, particularly in this field, we need this element to be part of the job. We respect our teachers as professionals and simply ask that you respect our company in return, bringing with you honest work and a cheerful attitude.

A Typical Day: . The first class they have will begin at 3:30, so between punching in and starting to teach the teacher will make sure they are familiar with the materials they need for teaching that day, help tidy up the classroom and washroom where needed, and take a lunch break. At 3:30pm the youngest kids come in. There can be up to six classes coming in, one after another on the busiest days. Some classes have 10 kids, some have 2. Sometimes you have a private lesson and are mentoring a student through their studies. The last student leaves at 9:20pm and the staff punches out at 9:30pm. Whew. This is the absolute worst scenario, and I don’t think we have that as a regular occurrence right now in our schools. But I need to caution you as to how busy it really can be! Usually, a teacher will have 4 or 5 lessons a day.

Some teachers have a morning session at an outside client. They start the day earlier, and then they end the day earlier too. But this is something we cannot guarantee for all our teachers, so I always give the “worst case” scenario.

For our part, as owners, we know it is in our best interest to keep our teachers happy and not to let them get burned out. We are mindful how many classes are taught each week, and where the most difficult kids tend to congregate. We also make certain to have our Japanese managers and support staff in place too, so that will alleviate any frustration or concern regarding communication in Japanese with clients and kids too.

The lessons are also all prescribed and carefully laid out. As a teacher you need to bring your energy and personality to the lesson, but the materials and the objectives for each lesson are identified and developed. Homework materials are already made and printed out and the day to day administration of teaching is minimized. We do everything in our power to make the management of the classroom seamless and smooth. You just need to bring your personality, style, and sense of purpose to the school and bond with the kids you are teaching.


Housing: Teachers will need to find places to live and we work with Leo Palace to get our teachers started. Leo Palace has foreign teacher support and you can communicate with them in English. As you get acclimated to the city and know your way around you may wish to change your living situation. That is completely up to you and we believe that our teachers make the best decisions for themselves about where they would like to live and what kind of apartment or house they want to live in. If you come our way and need a place to stay for the short term, we have an apartment that we keep for just that purpose. No one will ask you to sleep on the street! We will make sure that you are going to get started with us right.

In Summary: If you are someone who is just “traveling through” Japan or on a backpacking mission, we wish you all the best. But we also know that you will not be happy working with us. You may be on a journey to find your way in the world, and that is terrific, but we are looking for real English teachers, not merely people who happen to speak English.

If you are someone who loves the lifestyle of being in Japan, who loves teaching because the job is important and the kids are really important, and who is fed up being treated as less than a professional, we hope you will contact us. You are probably someone who has some experience working in the English language school industry and are well aware of the issues and problems that exist. We think that our schools are, in many ways, the antithesis to what is common in this market. We think you will agree when you come to work with us.

We are looking for a few good and qualified teachers. It is surprising how much we can get done with a few great people. If you think that we are the place for you to plant yourself for a year (and hopefully more!!), we would like to hear from you. As I mentioned, the starting point is very “basic”, and much of what you will see with us is the same for almost all English schools in Japan, but englishbiz is different in that we are interested in seeing your career grow with us.

The thing about englishbiz, and I think that this is important to let you know from the very beginning, is that we are a growing enterprise. The typical English language school stays pretty constant once they have a formula worked out, or if they are a typical “play time” or “entertainment” style of school bleed out a very high percentage of students each year and as such, need to replace those numbers. Our school, englishbiz, is very different. We are a high-quality, serious, carefully structured, and well organized school that gets measurable results for kids. The result of doing this job right means that we have a very low rate of student loss each year. We grow. And we grow some more. Most schools employ you with a sense that maybe something might fall apart later, and cannot assure you of much. While we cannot promise you a future with us full of rainbows and unicorns, we know that if you learn our system, follow our method, and know it inside and out you can develop a very good career and income working together with us.

We are interested in seeing you get paid more and more each year, and your responsibilities and experience grow too. With great responsibility comes pretty great benefits and position in englishbiz. If you think that we are the place to move your career, or to get some autonomy as a language professional in a tangible way, send me an email and let me know a few things about your situation.If those things are of interest to you, I hope you will contact me by email and begin the discussion.

I can be reached at: englishbiztakamatsu@gmail.com

In your correspondence please include the following:

Complete CV without any time gaps, copy of your resident card in Japan, copy of your passport (photo page and landing in Japan page), and a few paragraphs about who you are and what brings you to talk with us about your English teaching future.

Thanks again for coming by. Have a great day!

Mark Groenewold

President, englishbiz


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