Updating ISSUES in ESL

Hello again!

I must say, I really enjoy working with the WordPress format. It is easy to update and has a look and feel that is very smooth. There is a previous incarnation of this website that I used to introduce englishbiz to prospective staff and teachers, but it is very much in need of a serious overhaul. What I will be doing in the days to come is cannibalizing that site and put that information here.

I should do some editing too. Looking at some of my previous writing, I feel a strong sense of shame… Wow. Did I really write so poorly before? Anyway, there will be improvements.

Talking frankly about the ESL industry, the mismanagement of owners, the mishandling of classes by inexperienced teachers, and the great collisions that happen when the two meet, are important to have. There are different sides to many stories, so I hope that you will indulge my blog updates as I hope to discuss many of them right here. Your comments are most welcome, so if you are inclined to do so, please let me know.


There are a lot of shady things that ESL company owners do to their people. We need to get ahead of these things and identify them. Hopefully this will help some folks who are in bad situations inspiration enough to make a change, and inform those who are thinking on embarking on a career in teaching English as a foreign language.

Stay tuned! There is more to come!


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